[25 Jun 11] :: Dominique Soundz Live today 3PM PST
Dominique Soundz will be stopping by the studio today at 3pm to play some of his upcoming songs and answer questions live. Be sure to call in and ask your questions!

310 933 5884
[18 Jun 11] :: Dominique Soundz Interview Added
We just finished wrapping up the Dominique Soundz interview and it has been added to our rotation. To listen to it on demand check out the programming page to download and listen at your own discretion.

Much thanks to Dominique Soundz for his time, and we're planning on having a live call in with him next Saturday. Stay tuned to the website for more details!
[18 Jun 11] :: Dominique Soundz
Today we're doing an interview with upcoming R&B artist Dominique Soundz. This interview should be added onto our rotation and under our programming page in the next 24 hours so stay tuned!
[17 Jun 11] :: E3 Interviews added
We had an awesome time at E3 this year! We got an exclusive hands on interview with Overkill Software's Bo Anderson about their new upcoming game: Payday The Heist which plays similar to left 4 dead only you're robbing banks.

Be sure to check it out on our radio broadcast!
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